Guess who’s back? Nope, not that guy.

Years ago when my kids were little, I had a blog and people found it entertaining. Then Facebook came along and my blog fell by the wayside. My funny kid stories and other random thoughts got posted to FB and still entertained people, but only my friends and sometimes their friends. Now Facebook has become this weird place where your friends are sometimes not really your friends and it’s very polarized and half the time I come away feeling angry and I’ve wasted gobs of otherwise valuable time that I could have been using to clean my house or binge watch Supernatural. Not necessarily in that order.

I don’t have much time today – I spent most of it getting this set up because apparently the phrase “the internet is forever” is not true. My old blog is nowhere to be found (at least not by me). I’m told I should write a book of all the funny stuff my kids say, but that requires entirely too much work and I’m too busy lazy. I also have frequent migraines (among a whole host of other minor annoying medical issues) and I’m going to get my first Botox injection in an hour to see if that will help. Nothing says headache relief like a little botulism! Seriously, I understand how it works because I’m a pharmaceutical chemist (didn’t see that one coming, did you?), but how did Botox get started in the first place? What led some guy to say, “Hey, let’s inject food poisoning into living tissue and see what happens?” Because the migraine treatment was just a happy accident; women using it for wrinkles reported to their doctors that they were also getting relief from their headaches. Clinical trials ensued, NDAs were filed, FDA approval was granted and I’m off to the doctor.

And now you see what this blog is going to be like. Did I mention I have ADHD without the Hyperactivity component (yes, that’s how they classify it now, at least with me)? I also have OCD. I can’t even tell you how difficult it is to live with those two disorders in one brain. I also have GAD and MDD. (Let me know if you need a translator.) I welcome comments of the constructive and non-judgey variety and you will always have a home here. If you’re mean, go away. I won’t have it.

Here’s an example of the funny kid stuff before I go (this is from when my oldest was 14):

Me: “Watching skating last night was weird. It was the same thing as during the day, but with different announcers.”
Grover: “Wait…what? Why different announcers?”
Me: “Apparently prime time viewers can’t handle Johnny Weir.”
Grover: “Why not?”
Me: “Because he’s too flamboyant.”
Grover: “I thought that meant able to catch on fire.”
Me: “Um, no. That’s ‘flammable’.”

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